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FREE Molecular Cancer Testing

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Community Service Events for Cancer Testing and Prescription Error Testing Early Detection and Prevention

Mobile Testing and Onsite Tests Available at Our Stonecrest Location

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"

Tests Screen for most major cancers and are free to most Medicare and Medicaid Recipients

  • Early Detection even before it shows on a scan

  • Simple Swab is non-invasive, no blood needed

  • Complete Medical Consultation with a Doctor on all findings

  • Learn How You Can Prevent Disease and Manage Disease

  • Wellness Tips and Additional Preventative Testing Services

  • Funds Were Set Aside and Are Now Available To Cover Testing for Qualified Individuals

REASONS TO Schedule A FREE Event For Your Location, Clients, Patients, Members

  1. Our Staff Is Trained In Healthcare, Wellness, & Sanitation Procedures

  2. Compassionate & Patient

  3. HIPAA Certified

  4. Office Appointments Available or We Come To You

  5. Family History

  6. If Currently Treating for Disease this testing can help Providers do their jobs even better

  7. Our Services Are FREE!

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